Ongoing disruption to garden waste collections

Disruption to garden waste collections in Peterborough due to the national driver shortage is to continue over the coming weeks.

We have been using all means at our immediate disposal to maintain services as much as we can, in the face of these current driver shortages. This includes retention payments for drivers, ongoing recruitment, staff upskilling (driver training ongoing but back logged due to COVID), supervisors utilised for driving where needed, use of staff across departments, targeted advertising campaigns for drivers. We have recruited a number of new staff using them to ensure we are prioritising the collections of refuse, recycling and then food waste.

Unfortunately, despite these contingency measures, and the outstanding work being done by our front line waste teams we will not be able to restart the brown bin service in its normal guise at this time. As such the following brown bin service will be put in place:

  • From 5th October 2021, we will be emptying the existing brown bins that are already full and this will be done over a 4 to 8 week period. All customers will get their brown bins emptied before the service is suspended for the winter, as long as their bins are out for collection.
  • Each customer will get their bins emptied (if out for collection) before their service is suspended.
  • Customers will receive a refund on their brown bin subscription from the Council, for the 11 months of service which has not yet been provided.
  • The refund process and timescale are currently being reviewed and more information will follow.
  • This will mean all brown bin customers will be able to ensure their current full brown bin is emptied (if out for collection).
  • Collections will be done on a rolling basis based on the schedule will be circulated from w/c 27 September 2021.
  • We will keep residents updated via our website as to where the collections are taking place.
  • In the new year when the national driver situation allows we will re-launch the garden waste service, and re-contact customers.

Although we are not alone with having to suspend our garden waste collections, with many other services across the country also being suspended, we apologise for the service disruption, and the impact on residents.